a series of Filipino-inspired pop-ups located in Philadelphia, PA.


Pelago Pop-Up Kusina is a hospitality team specializing in Filipino-inspired restaurant pop-up events based in

Philadelphia, PA.  Neal Santos, Jillian Encarnacion, and Resa Mueller—come from various arenas of Philadelphia’s

vibrant food and beverage industry with a mission to bring Filipino flavors to the Philadelphia community. Together,

Team Pelago proudly presents a series of events that are authentic to their shared experience of growing up in Filipino

households located firmly in the American cultural landscape.


Pelago Pop-Up Kusina seeks to articulate the Filipino culinary culture within the context of the American 

Mid-Atlantic region. We use kitchen techniques adapted from myriad other cooking traditions to 

manipulate locally sourced, grown, and produced ingredients in an effort to coax out flavors familiar to 

the Filipino palate and emotions common to Filipinos living in diaspora. Think, a Filipino family party on 

an urban farm in West Philly with all your Titas doing line dances and your cousins bumpin’ to stoop 

jams. But also kinda fancy.